In a meeting with Lawmakers in Albany on January 28 members of Education Choice Alliance, a grassroot organization, said they support the expansion of the school choice program in New York. The meeting was in observance of National School Choice Week.

Education Choice Alliance of Western New York is comprised of interested and concerned individuals, parents, churches, community organizations and educators who are committed to bringing education choice to Western New York. The group believe that every child has the fundamental right to a high-quality education.

The school choice options, which are already available in New York, gives all parents the power and freedom to choose their child’s education, public, private or home schooling. It allows the parents to use their education tax dollars for the education of their choice. The school choice program also make schools directly accountable to parents.

Garry Lamb, director of CAUSE NYS, a grassroot volunteer association also supporting greater educational options for New York families, addressed the New York rally.The Education Choice Alliance of Western New York which spearheaded the celebration in New York, is a volunteer group that advocates for parents to choose high-performing schools for their children.
 National School Choice Week is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition that shines a positive spotlight on effective education options for children.This issue is however not only related to New York but the entire country.

The National School Choice Week began with a rally in Texas organized by the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School on Saturday January 25 with 3,000 students and their parents in attendance. Cristo Rey Jesuit’s founding president, Reverend TJ Martinez said “excellence in education should not be a privilege but a right. Our kids deserve better. Our families deserve better. Our country deserves better.”

Cristo Rey Jesuit is the only private high school in Texas that combines business, academic, moral and religious learning for children from low income families. The school which started out in 2009 with 80 students, is now an advocate for school choice and for Catholic education, has a body of about 460 young men and women.