The Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps’ (BSVAC) Emergency Medical Services Training Academy is a program designed by retired FDNY Capt. James Rocky Robinson. This past week, the BSVAC held yet another wonderful graduation ceremony.

The BSVAC provides a comprehensive and hands-on education that prepares individuals for careers with the FDNY, private agencies, hospitals and other medical entities.

The BSVAC Emergency Medical Services Training Academy is proud to announce a class of students who passed the Emergency Medical Technician State Exam that they took on Dec. 13, 2013. These students have completed their clinical and ambulatory rotations and have already engaged in lifesaving efforts within their community. “This pivotal moment in their life allows them to actively engage in the workforce, as well as give back to their community,” said Robinson.

“Over 26 years, BSVAC has trained thousands of community residents in CPR and first aid. We provide emergency medical service training, and our EMT graduates go on to careers in law enforcement and medical fields such as paramedics, nurses and doctors,” Robinson said.