Everyone is looking for a new place for brunch in the city, but does it exist? Permutations of eggs, bread and breakfast meats are rampant across this metropolis. Yes, the omelets, pancakes and breakfast sausage do satisfy the weekend hangover and/or encourage the necessary nap needed for sleep-deprived New Yorkers. However, when you find that spot that makes you pause and reflect a little deeper, it must be noted.

When you are craving something new and New York City is at your MetroCard-fingertips, not even a snowy Sunday could keep you from leaving your immediate neighborhood and venturing off to somewhere else, known or unknown. A couple of weeks ago, this was my truth.

Together with my man, we decided that we would head to SoHo with a couple of ideas in mind, as we knew that the lines would be long. Our first choice was a no-go at a one-and-a-half hour wait.

At the second, a relatively new restaurant, their brunch menu was small and not really inspiring, but they were ready to seat us. As my mother says, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” However, I soon remembered an awesome brunch experience I had right down the street. I went for recon while the man stayed behind.

I arrived to Hundred Acres (@hundredacresnyc, 38 MacDougal St., 212.475.7500. www.hundredacresnyc.com), where there was great food on the tables and less than a 15-minute wait. A quick text to the man and we were reunited for what would be a great brunch.

As we sat, we immediately ordered from the bloody mary menu. I had to go for the Hampton shore with Meyer Lemon Vodka, clam juice and a shucked oyster. He went for the south of the border with tequila and an ancho chile-salt rim. That is the indicator of how the meal would go.

It was very hard to make a decision on what to order because the menu was deep with flavor, and that is how it should be. With the help of our attentive, knowledgeable and fun server, we started with black kale salad and a mondo-sized biscuit with pear-quince jam.

The salad was simple but so good. It featured whole leaf black kale, chopped heirloom apples and SarVecchio Parmesan cheese with walnut parsley dressing. It was crisp, earthy, savory, nutty and sweet. The oversized biscuit was perfect to share, especially with the unique jam. It was wonderfully presented.

For our entrees, we enjoyed goat cheese-sage bread pudding topped with poached eggs, wilted spinach and lemon butter, as well as a grilled cheese filled with white cheddar, bosc pears and spiced pecans. Because we had that great salad, we switched the side salad for some thick fruitwood-smoked bacon.

I adored my eggy savory bread pudding topped with perfectly poached eggs. When pierced, the runny yolks mixed well with the light lemon butter to create a new take on hollandaise. I couldn’t stop eating it! The grilled cheese showed such great care in assemblage—with the layers of pear, cheese and pecans placed just so for maximum joy in every bite. While I am sure the side salad would have been wonderful, the bacon was crispy and cooked just the way I like.

We opted not to have to dessert but definitely gilded the lily with wicked good coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company (@BrooklynRoasting). That mocha java variety made a great cup of coffee and an even better cappuccino!

Thank you again, Hundred Acres, for a great, inviting and warm time. We need to make it out for dinner sooner than later. Keep up the good work!

Happy eating and thanks for reading!

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