Caption:  Fall ’14 designs by Edwing D’Angelo (61529)

Of course red was the color for Valentine’s Day. For Fashion Week, it’s also the color that signals women to pay more attention to their health and to heart disease. New York designer Edwing D’Angelo presented a fabulous fall collection filled with many ways to wear red for men and women. It was actually a short film and nicely presented show.

For his fall ’14 collection, D’Angelo was inspired by the mid-20th century’s British aristocracy. His theme was Anglomania, which was heightened by the popular TV drama “Downton Abbey.” Even though he has never seen the show, the designer was pleased about its popularity. He has been an admirer of old British aesthetics for years.

In the early 1920s, simplistic styles were embraced by British aristocracy at their country estates. Over time, these elegant fashions made their way into town wear. D’Angelo’s silhouettes show off a modern twist of the ’20s. There are elements of riding attire for men and women. In D’Angelo’s collection, there are styles for men who ride astride and the women who ride sidesaddle.

The riding coat is eminent. This British style is elite high fashion. It was born from the mystique of clothing that was used for its utility rather than its aesthetics. These clothes have transferred their purpose, as clothes do even today. Think about some slinky slithery nightgowns that can go from the bedroom to the club, depending on your shape. In this collection, the clothes can go from the country to the city. Some of the suits are stunning. D’Angelo has a talent for drama and gorgeous evening wear. The color red, though, adds lots of excitement.