Last month at an Irvington NAACP press conference, local leaders questioned city officials to draw attention to the events that led to the death of Abdul W. Kamal. Kamal’s family is currently waiting for an indictment of the officers involved in the shooting of the unarmed Irvington resident.

Kamal, 30, was killed last November by members of the Irvington Police Department, who responded to a domestic violence call on Stanley Street. Three officers fired 15 shots during the incident. Kamal was hit 10 times.

Katherine Carter, a spokesperson for the Essex County prosecutor’s office, contacted the AmNews. “The investigation is active and ongoing,” said Carter via email. “The matter will be presented to the grand jury.”

Kamal’s family said they will continue to search for answers. “All police-involved shootings must go to the grand jury. The problem is they are not doing anything to secure an indictment,” Kamal’s stepmother, Nadida Matin, told the AmNews. “You would be hard-pressed to find a case where the prosecutor’s office actually got an indictment or a guilty verdict in a case where the police have killed someone. Why the delay in conveying the information to the family and the public?”

The family wants the Essex County prosecutor’s office and the state attorney general’s office to take more of an interest in the investigation. They want to know where the initial police reports are, why the 911 recordings are being held from them and the public, and where the results from the lab and autopsy reports are, which were requested on Nov. 21.