The street renaming ceremony for Hermena Rowe (63198)

On Sunday, several local residents gathered for the street renaming ceremony for Hermena Rowe, mother of anti-violence activist Jackie Rowe-Adams of Harlem Mothers SAVE. A ceremony was held at Christian Parish for Spiritual Renewal. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd and West 122nd Street are now named after Rowe, who died in 2005.

Rowe moved to New York from South Carolina at age 14. She served as a member of several Harlem community boards. They include HARYOU-ACT, Neighborhood Board No. 4, Planning Board No. 10, the Board of Family Planning and the Addicts Rehabilitation Center. She was also an active member of the Parent-Teacher Association and a devoted member of Christian Parish for Spiritual Renewal since 1955.

An application to rename the street was submitted to the community board 10’s Parks, Recreation and Transpiration Committee in October.