Action and fantasy lovers, have no fear! “300: Rise of an Empire” is going to thrill old fans and gain new ones!

Zack Snyder, one of the greatest action directors in Hollywood, is also a diehard fanboy himself. To wit, he’s done justice on every adaptation he’s put his Midas touch to. Because of a prior commitment to 2013’s “Man of Steel,” Snyder had to take a step back and serve as a producer on this installment. In stepped producer and commercial director Noam Murro, famous in the advertising world for his Sony PS4 and “Killzone” trailers. Murro succeeds in bringing the audience an experience as visceral and engaging as the original blockbuster.

In Los Angeles, we caught up with actors Lena Headey, Eva Green, Jack O’Connell and Callan Mulvey, along with Murro, Snyder, Kurt Johnstad and producers Deborah Snyder, Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann and Gianni Nunnari.

We asked one question: “Why should you try the new installment of ‘300’?” Here is what the creative team had to say on the subject.

Deborah Snyder: “When you go see this film, it will be obvious how differently the Greeks fight from the Spartans. The Greek soldiers have to play to their strengths as individuals, whereas you saw King Leonidas explain in the first film that each Spartan man is trained identically with shield and sword to make for an impenetrable unit. Also, unlike the Spartan’s desperate battle for Thermopylae, this battle is taken to the sea.”

Murro explained, “In the sea battle, there is an expansion. The open sea allows you to do something different, and operatically speaking, it allows you to do something with deeper visual roots.”

Green, who plays Artemisia, reveled in the director’s flair for the dramatic. She shared that Murro played opera music on set so the actors wouldn’t be afraid of the grandiose. Green and the cast approved. “To go so all-out with an over-the-top character is quite brave and cool!” she said.

An almost unbelievable fun fact was that the Spartan training period dictated that the cast eat no more than 239.6 calories a day! Mulvey, who portrays Scyllias, said, “I don’t want to look at chicken and broccoli ever again.”

Headey added with a half-guilty smile, “The sad thing is that once the filming is all over, you kinda let yourself go.”

“300: Rise of an Empire” is now in theaters.