Community relations among New York’s finest is again being heavily scrutinized after bystander Dariel Reyes video recorded two law enforcement agents who seemed to be bullying and verbally and physically abusing an innocent Black man prior to tackling him to the ground and arresting him for no apparent reason. A second video by a different bystander shows another man who also recorded the police assault undergo the same traumatizing treatment moments later.

The first video, which is five and a half minutes long, was posted on Facebook on Feb. 25 and was shared over 100,000 times. It shows the incident that occurred two days earlier along the BX12 bus route at Pelham Parkway and White Plains Road. Witnesses say the cops aggressively approached Meshach Stachan as he exited the bus, demanding his receipt, and he immediately resisted their roughhouse tactics.

“He grabbed [Stachan] off the bus, just put his hands on him,” revealed Reyes. “They didn’t even give him a chance to pull out his ticket. He didn’t do nothing.”

The video begins with the 29- year-old seated on a brick/concrete embankment adjacent to a sidewalk while two uniformed cops shake him down. Stachan repeatedly attempts to stand up while they twist his arms, pushing him down. He eventually rises to his feet while still wrestling with the cops.

“What are you doing? Get off me … I paid my s—t! You’re putting your hands on me?” Stachan asks in disbelief. “Why you still holding me, though? This s—t is crazy … I got my ticket, I got I.D., why you holding me, Rivera? Delgado?” Stachan says, announcing their names.

“Why you making this harder on yourself?” questions the female cop, while the male cop locks Stachan’s arm.

“I’m a grown-a—s man, dog!” he yells while being manhandled. “Get off of me! Get the f—k off of me!”

At about two minutes and 16 seconds into the video, the cops aggressively stand Stachan up and attempt to push him to the ground as he resists. Bystanders are heard in the background, remarking, “He ain’t do nothing!” The officers continue wrestling until backup arrives a minute later. They then throw Stachan to the ground, piling on top of him and handcuffing him.

“Why you doing this to me, dog? I don’t believe this is happening! Yo, help me somebody!” he pleads in anguish as others observe. “Y’all just gonna watch this s—t? Please don’t do this to me! My face!” he yells as the cops mash his head into the frigid sidewalk.

“I hate witnessing s—t like this, man!” Reyes captioned with the video. “This man did no crime! He paid his bus fare! Had the receipt in hand and all.”

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“In all the videos I have recorded or seen, none equal the blatant abuse of power shown in this video,” commented Cop Watch activist Jazz Hayden. “The police made no attempt to disguise their bullying. Even the pathetic miniature female officer engaged in this bullying. This happened on de Blasio’s watch. Clearly nothing has changed under the new Commissioner [Bill] Bratton, and nothing will change until police officers are held personally responsible for their abuse of power.”

The AmNews did not get a response from the police by press time.

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