A group of black youth were pulled over by a police officer in New Jersey on March 8 as they left a conference at Princeton University. But the story does not end as you expect.

The car carrying members of the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), a youth-centered Black activist group, used the situation to reach out to the officer to discuss why they felt targeted because of their race during the traffic stop, The Root reported.

That night, the car was pulled over by a Black police officer for allegedly having a broken taillight. But as Fresco Steez, a member of the group who was present for the incident told The Root that, after investigating the police officer found that the taillight was actually not broken at all.

Steez said the unidentified officer then challenged the group to meet him at their destination, outside a nearby hotel, to talk about the incident. Steez said when the group approached the officer to find out his intention, he told them he felt bad for the accusation and a conversation about criminalization ensued.

For video of the forum see: Theroot.com