Woman on Top (65191)

The book “Woman on Top,” written by Deborah Schwartz, is an inspirational novel about a young widow whose journey to find herself takes readers on an entertaining, thought-provoking ride. According to Schwartz, “Woman on Top,” which is published by Laudan Press, is a battle cry for any woman who ever let someone make her feel less than worthy. Further, it’s a lesson to all that women hold the power to reach any summit. It’s a page-turner!

It is often said that it’s not the hills or mountains that you have to climb that give you strength; it’s the challenge you face on your journey by having a pebble in your shoe. In protagonist Kate’s case, the pebble feels more like a boulder. She is thrown into the single world after her husband dies from cancer. After a few years, she ventures back into the dating scene and meets Len, a Wall Street banker. What Kate discovers is a cocky narcissist who quickly tries to control every aspect of her life.

Some readers will scream in frustration at Len’s controlling behavior while lauding Kate’s efforts to find herself again and her subsequent achievements. She shows women that they are truly in charge of their destiny and that there are more important things than what kind of car you drive. In this applaudable story of her road to independence, she reaches the highest heights and literally climbs Mount Kilimanjaro.

A native New Yorker and graduate from Tufts University, Schwartz obtained her master’s degree in history at Columbia University, where she wrote her thesis on feminism in 18th century England, and received her doctorate of jurisprudence from Boston University. Always a New Yorker to the core, Schwartz’s passion is now writing. Her book, though sometimes funny, shows women that it’s not always about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play your hand.

“Woman on Top” is available at Amazon.com and most booksellers’ sites.