The Feb. 25 scheduled sentencing hearing for a Caucasian man in Alabama convicted of attempting to hire a white supremacist hit man to murder his Black neighbor was postponed at least a month so that records of his mental health can be properly evaluated.

Allen Wayne Morgan’s attorney requested the extra time to review the report as they pleaded with U.S. District Judge Karon Bowdre for leniency. Morgan’s representation claimed that their client, who endured over 175 combat missions while stationed in Iraq, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes the drug-addicted military veteran to experience severe depression and mental problems.

Defense attorneys suggested that Morgan be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, while prosecutors sought a sentence at least double that.

On Aug. 29, 2013, the FBI arrested Morgan at an Econo Lodge motel in Oxford, Ala., as he solicited the services of what he believed to be a Ku Klux Klan hit man to murder his neighbor, Clifford Maurice Mosley, a Black man who he suspected was having sex with his wife.

“I want this man hung from a tree like he is an animal. I want his penis cut off, and I want him cut,” the 30-year-old allegedly told the undercover agent. “You’re a hunting man, right? I want him hung from a tree and gutted.”

Morgan also allegedly told who he thought was a hired assassin that he had recently confronted Mosley outside his house, firing several shots in his direction, but he did not intend to kill him that day because there would be witnesses. He also said that he was certain that Mosley was having sex with his wife, because when Mosley was confronted, he did not try to stand his ground or reason with him.

After being taken into custody, Morgan confessed to having tried to hire the hit man.

According to court documents, Morgan planned to check himself into a Veterans Health Administration hospital in order to help validate his alibi.