Allies, comrades, family and friends of the uncompromising Chokwe Lumumba will convene at Brooklyn’s House of the Lord Church (415 Atlantic Ave.) this Saturday, March 29 at 6 p.m. to pay their respects to the fearless freedom-fighting attorney. Lumumba became an ancestor at 66 years old on Feb. 25 under suspicious circumstances.

Having been elected mayor of Jackson, Miss., May 21, 2013, with 87 percent of the votes, Lumumba was continuing a familiar trend of progressive politicians who were taking public office to uplift local Black communities.

“In all of [his] roles, he created and modeled a strong commitment to human rights and a dedication to the liberation of Blacks in America,” reads the press release announcing the memorial. “He served as a visionary and a leader for individuals across the country who were seeking to transform their lives and their communities through love, resistance and solidarity.”

As an attorney, some of his achievements include earning the Scott sisters (Jamie and Gladys Scott) their freedom, as well as representing revolutionaries Assata Shakur and Geronimo Pratt. He also helped to bring the killers of Medgar Evers to justice.

Additionally, Lumumba represented thousands of people in more than 15 jurisdictions across the country, serving individuals who have seen the worst injustices the criminal injustice system has to offer.