Sister to sister, creating beautiful accessories comes naturally to Cheryl Freeman and Donna Freeman Hughes. They have been creative partners since their childhood.

Of course, they were both influenced by their stylish mother. Before their collaboration in the form of their business, FFS, they had each explored careers in modeling, fashion design and styling. For spring/summer accessories, the look is bold, colorful and somewhat vintage. FFS is just the place to find that special Mother’s Day gift!

There’s nothing like knowing what’s new in accessories and wearing the right accessory to complete a fashion look. To save your budget, you can usually update your look with the right accessory. What the sisters offer is a collection that reflects a vibrant embrace of their diverse life journeys. In a line of bracelets, earrings and necklaces, you will find a wide variety of vintage styles, rich and rare hues, oxidized Ethiopian copper and supple skins that are all mixed with lustrous gems and minerals. Their necklaces are extremely fashionable.

The sisters are both beautiful, and they share a unique energy that’s inspired by generations of the past. In some of their pieces, the fashion is reminiscent of a variety of cultural influences ranging from Grace Jones to Gustav Klimt, “Mad Max” to “La Dolce Vita”, Erykah Badu to David Bowie.

Freeman is also the owner of “Where’s Romeo?” It’s a custom jewelry and accessory design studio that’s based in Los Angeles. Hughes is also a spiritualist and owner of Betru, a lifestyle boutique in Miami.

These sisters have also produced a lifestyle collection for men and women. Here, their look is definitive, diverse and daring in style. Their worldly lives and travels are expressed in their dynamic attitudes and global sensibilities. In this collection, there is a high stack of bracelets in vivid colors. A jeweled palette of black handcrafted bracelets are featured in a rich, recycled vulcanite. The hues are rare. There are also some pieces from Portugal and West Africa.

In this group, you will find jewelry made from pyrite, onyx or oxidized copper. A wide variety of exquisite silver charms of protection from India are enhanced with dazzling pave diamonds. Handbags are in the collection, too! Home accents blend a distinctive selection of fabrics and unexpected embellishments that will dazzle the senses. For a custom edge at FFS, you can create your own piece of jewelry with stamped metal edge disks. FFS jewelry is available at

FFS presents distinctly styled, complimentary looks that will inspire you to tell your own unique style stories. Their pieces are luxurious, rebellious and streetwise, yet sophisticated. The Freeman sisters invite you to celebrate the world and discover the power within.