This past Friday, the Bronx’s Lincoln Hospital, which houses New York City’s busiest single site emergency room, according to the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, unveiled newly renovated facilities. The hospital’s Level 1 trauma emergency department, which gets more than 177,000 visits per year, revealed its 34,000-square-foot, $24 million state-of-the-art expansion in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with guests including state Sen. Jose M. Serrano and the president of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Dr. Ramanathan Raju.

The Lincoln Medical Center community, which is affiliated with the Belvis and Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, also located in the Bronx, announced their dedication to serving the underprivileged community surrounding it.

“As health care providers, we are given the privilege to serve,” said Fernando Jara, M.D., chief of emergency medicine at the center. “We dedicate this department to the patients we serve, and to the men and women that work within the walls of Lincoln.”

The center, located on East 149th street in the Bronx, was founded in 1839 as an elderly home for African-Americans. It has since evolved to a 347-room, award-winning institution that emphasizes primary care and speciality medicine.

Milton Nunez, the executive director of the Lincoln Medical Center, commented that the renovations will allow [employees] to continue to deliver world-class care to underserved South Bronx residents.

“This expansion allows us to continue providing safe and effective emergency care with the latest technology,” he said. “Whenever a medical institution grows, so does its capacity for providing the quality health care that patients need.”

Chief Medical Officer at the Lincoln Medical Center Melissa P. Schori, M.D., estimates that the staff treats between 500 to 800 patients on any given day.

Serrano acknowledged this, commending the staff for their dedication to the community.

“This hospital really does so much for our community, especially when you consider the health [challenges] it deals with on a day to day basis.”

The South Bronx community surrounding the Lincoln Treatment Center is known for having the highest mortality rate due to asthma in the state, in addition to an unusually high number of emergency department visits and hospitalizations overall.

“This hospital is on the front lines of dealing with [asthma], remedying that issue, and it really does help so many communities,” said Serrano. “This emergency room in particular unfortunately sees a lot of action, but its so important to know that some of the finest doctors and medical teams are here in this hospital.”