With Jason Kidd, the Amsterdam News NBA Coach of the Year, on the sidelines, the Brooklyn Nets are possibly set to make a deep run into the 2014 NBA playoffs, which tip off April 19. They made a run earlier this week, going south to Miami Tuesday night. They squeezed out a 88-87 win in the final seconds over the Heat, sweeping the defending NBA champs 4-0 on the season.

Meanwhile, Nets General Manager Billy King has partnered with Kidd, although many questioned his decision to hire him since he had no coaching experience. Kidd’s appointment caused tremors across NBA land.

And for sure, when the organization was going through coaches, seemingly on a week-to-week basis, first P.J. Carlesimo replacing Avery Johnson, then Carlesimo getting the ax. It appeared the Nets organization was spinning their collective wheels.

But no! King and Jason have done the unexpected. Kidd, after a rocky start and a league-wide, “We told you so,” took off his neck tie and began frowning all across NBA Land.

He showed his grit when he informed King and Nets management he no longer wanted assistant coach, Lawrence Frank, sitting next to him on the bench. End of that chapter.

When Brook Lopez went down with a season-ending injury, naysayers insisted Kidd’s season would come crumbling down. That has yet to happen. Check that with LeBron James, and company down on South Beach in Miami.

When Kevin Garnett went down and out, Kidd’s critics harped on Garnett’s approved schedule of sitting out games to deal with whatever was going on with his body. Kidd made it clear he wanted Garnett fit for the playoff wars they both know so well. Rack up another goodie for Kidd.

Garnett, still working on a limited schedule, has staked out a relationship with his coach, teammates and has won over the locker room. The Brooklyn Nets are headed towards playoff land, where Kidd’s team is firmly walking, running and defending their way to who knows what.

That what has become the potential to become “The Now.”