While mainstream media has focused on the situation in the Ukraine, an apparent internal conflict has escalated in South Sudan, causing injury, death and forcible displacement of thousands of innocent Sudanese. Developments in the Ukraine demand our concern, but not to the neglect of other crises in the world, particularly where the human carnage is far more severe; even the children have not been spared.

The Sudan Tribune states, “‘Outbreaks of fresh fighting in South Sudan are likely to displace tens of thousands of additional people and it’s hampering efforts to help children in need,’ warns the United Nations Children Fund.”

To make matters worse, humanitarian aid has been substantially inadequate. The U.N. Humanitarian appeal for South Sudan is more than $1 billion short of reaching its June 2014 target of $1.27 billion.

Moreover, it has been reported in the Sudan Tribune, “The fresh wave of violence in South Sudan is expected to put more than 3.7 million people at risk of severe food insecurity.”

We, representatives of the Interfaith Community, strenuously and prayerfully urge President Barack Obama and leaders of the United Nations and the African Union to exercise maximum efforts to secure peace in South Sudan and to provide sufficient humanitarian aid.

We plead with the leaders in the conflict to end the war, to remember the long history of wars in their country and the millions of their people who were killed, maimed and uprooted–never to return to their homes. Because of these wars, the vast resources of the country have not experienced the development that would enhance the quality of life for all Sudanese.

We call to remembrance the millions who were killed in Rwanda while the leaders of the world stood idly by, and these same leaders now publicly express deep regret for their inaction. The world must not let history repeat itself.

We commend the work that the involved leaders have already put forth. We prayerfully implore them to not to become impatient, discouraged or distracted, but to remain resolute in their determination to obtain peace, and stability, thereby garnering the gratitude and appreciation of all the world, particularly the people of Sudan.

A personal appeal to Mr. Salva Kiir: As we have had met on several occasions in N’Djamena, Chad and Juba, South Sudan, and I have been a supporter of South Sudan’s independence and humanitarian aide, I add a personal appeal to you to do all in your power to achieve peace. This would save countless lives. Direct your creative energies in developing the vast resources of South Sudan thus achieving a better life for your people.