True Natural’s healthy skin care products (71230)

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, safe, natural solutions are the way to go. Everyone needs to protect skin from sunburns—even you! True Natural just launched a new line of high performance, broad-spectrum sun essentials that are made in the U.S. out of 100 precent renewable ingredients.

True Natural’s healthy skin care products are free from artificial additives and chemicals. They’re 100 percent mineral-based with an all-natural biodegradable formula and offer broad spectrum SPF 15-50 and UV protection.

Here are some general sun safety tips:

How much sunscreen is enough? Use it liberally and apply sunscreen evenly over all of your exposed skin to ensure complete coverage. One ounce of True Natural sunscreen is recommended per application. Reapply as needed.

Mind the easy-to-forget areas. Don’t overlook spots like your ears, shoulders, tops of your feet and the back of your neck. Believe it or not, your scalp needs protection from the sun too, especially if you are bald and have thinning hair.

Think beyond the beach. Remember, sunrays actually bounce off snow, concrete, water and sand. Smart sun care is important in all climates.

Manage your timing in the sun. Avoid exposure to the sun when its rays are the strongest, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

True Natural also offers an anti-aging collection that includes Rose Night Cream, Day Cream, Rose Eye Serum and Rose Toner.

Benecos Natural Beauty, the company’s affordable cosmetic makeup collection, features truly natural and organic foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows and lipsticks in a wide variety of shades.