If you’re on the go, you know that wearing a fashionable, comfortable heel is important, especially if you want to make a style statement every day. However, finding the right shoe takes time. Sofia Z shoes offer fashionable footwear with luxurious high heel styles that are also comfortable. At the beginning and end of the day, comfortable, versatile shoes are a must.

Usha Patel, an engineer with a keen eye for fashion, created the new line. Due to the footwear collection’s construction, Sofia Z shoes offer several health benefits. Soft cushioning decreases ground reaction force to the metatarsal bones. This feature also helps to prevent back stress factors and the likelihood of hip and back pains. A rigid heel helps with stability. Here, the secret lies within the patent-pending, groundbreaking insole foot bed and the unique construction of the shoes.

Each Sofia Z shoe has undergone strenuous testing to insure proper weight and pressure distribution, impact absorption and dampening. These shoes are created with rear fatigue resistance, temperature regulation stability, balance and traction.

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