Back in 1988, Rodney Bryce, DJ EZ Rock, and rapper Rob Base released their first hit, now a hip-hop classic, the renowned “It Takes Two.” The song became part of the Top 40 on the Billboard 100 list.

“Every time ’It Takes Two’ came on the radio I used to blast it and sing along,” says Harlem resident Chris Thompson.

Harlem native DJ EZ Rock had been producing since he was in high school. He and Rob Base, the DJ’s longtime collaborator, released their first ever song “DJ Interview” in 1986. The duo became friends in the fourth grade.

“At first, it was kind of weird because we only had one record,” said Rock in a 1991 interview. “We would open for people and get on for 15 minutes doing that one song. Then, when ‘It Takes Two’ came out, we started headlining.”

Throughout the 2010s, the DJ continued turning tables for his fans.

On April 27, 2014, DJ EZ Rock died of a diabetic seizure. He was 46.

(For some of his work check out Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock in, “It Takes Two”)