Throwing a full-blown, celeb-heavy New York City birthday party for the daughter of an EGOT (winner of a Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) isn’t for the faint of heart or the style-challenged. On a recent chilly evening, surrounded by lush desserts and generous libations in the luxuriously cozy bar of the Bowery Hotel, Alex Martin, the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg—producer of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and “Sister Act” on Broadway, co-host of “The View” and director of the documentary “Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin’ To Tell You”—turned the big 4-O.

Goldberg’s baby girl is 40, and we’d like to add that “Black doesn’t crack or crease.”

The birthday bash was also the gift given by the award-winning glam team of Karen Dupiche and Yancey Edwards.

“I’m such a blessed person, and my family and friends—I love them,” Martin said, her exotic eyes dancing. Dressed in stylish clothing designed for making the right moves on the dance floor, the birthday gal was showered with good vibes by well-wishers, who included celebs from the world of reality television, music and fashion, including Edwards, Ty Hunter, Tahiry Jose, Jennifer Williams and Po Johnson.

“40 years ago, I embarked on one of the best adventures of my life,” stated Goldberg at the start of her touching and humorous birthday speech for the grinning Martin, “That adventure continues. I’m proud of Alex. Now everybody dance, I mean look at that dance floor. Go!”

Actress S. Epatha Merkerson (known for 16 years helping criminals get their just desserts on mega franchise hit “Law and Order”) was one of the many guests inside the VIP area.

“Don’t forget,” pointed out TV veteran Merkerson to Goldberg’s head of production, who was carefully guiding the icon through a sea of photo-snapping revelers. “I have her bag.” The “her” being an even shorter shorthand for a name and face known around the world.

Behind the velvet rope, we learned that Goldberg’s granddaughter, Jerzey Martin, is relocating to the Big Apple to immerse herself in the fashion industry.

Surprisingly, she shared her nervousness about maneuvering in the fast-paced city. “Honestly,” stated the dew-fresh Jerzey Martin in a conspiratorial tone directed more toward Art Shrian, “I’m actually very nervous about living here. I know my family is here, but New York City moves fast!”

As the two exchanged tips on how to enjoy the city safely, the son of legendary boxer Joe Louis (Joe Louis Jr., aka “Joe-Joe”) wrapped his burly and well-toned arms around my waist and squeezed. “You’ll never guess why I’m so happy, Lapacazo,” said the younger Joe Louis with a smile.

“One hint,” he said. “Whoopi is amazing. Amazing! She just might be a part of bringing my father’s life to the Great White Way.”

Louis winked, and while snacking on an appetizer, he sealed his lips with a smile.

As the birthday celebration began to wind down (around 2 a.m.), sweets were consumed and tucked away for early morning snacks, and then the EGOT slumped down on the comfy sofa, taking a needed breather, turned to us and smiled.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Whoopi,” we quickly said.

As she peered over her glasses, which were perched so elegantly on her nose, she responded, the warm smile never leaving her face: “Thank you.” And, while motioning to the sweets-laden table behind us, she continued, “Don’t forget to take a cupcake.”