Designs by Hope Pierce for Sleek Physique Apparel line (74558)
Designs by Hope Pierce for Sleek Physique Apparel line (74559)

Last Saturday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, N.Y., a new fashion/fitness company named Sleek Physique made its debut. It was a relaxing day of fitness workshops, yoga and Zumba classes, plus several seminars that wrapped up with a delicious dinner and fashion show featuring a transitional sportswear collection designed by Hope Pierce. For today’s busy woman, the look was easy, modern, fashionable and absolutely functional. The show was fabulous!

“I look good tonight!” is what the host wanted everyone in the audience to say to the person sitting next to them. What a nice way to open the presentation. The event was all about how you can be a better you. Just knowing that you can incorporate your workout look and wear your clothes to work (depending on your position) is a game changer, wardrobe-wise. Natonee Weisenfeld, a personal trainer for over seven years, created Sleek Physique. She noticed a missing piece in the activewear market. When leaving the house, women often have to pack a gym bag. She also asked herself how many countless times have clients called her to cancel an appointment because they didn’t have their workout wear.

“I would always respond by saying, ‘Come anyway,’” said Weisenfeld. She met with designer Pierce, and they came up with the idea of a line of Sleek Physique Apparel “Transitional Wear.”

Weisenfeld attended the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising as a fashion merchandising major and the Fashion Institute of Technology as a marketing major. Her vision for what women were looking for in their wardrobe was clear. However, the clothes had to be sophisticated, comfortable and stylish, which is where Pierce fit perfectly into the picture. Together, they worked three years in order to get the concept right. All throughout the Sleek Physique programs of the day, women were comfortable with the idea of working out, feeling better about their bodies and looking fashionable. Attitude is key.

Born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., Pierce is not a stranger to design. She has always showed a flair for fashion. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in fashion design, Pierce has 25 years of fashion design experience with her own leather, sportswear and hat lines. She has worked her way up through the fashion industry while working closely with buyers, top designer houses and design team management. Pierce’s ideas for Sleek Physique’s collection were inspired by her own frustrations while looking daily for clothes to wear that fit her own lifestyle. Pierce exhibits an exacting eye for details, shaping and fit and brings a unique and creative flair to the Sleek Physique Apparel line. Her designs are well-constructed and made of high-quality materials.

Doreen Arthurs, an expert draper and pattern maker, is also a part of this team. Her expertise and impeccable tailoring has made her an invaluable asset to the Sleek Physique family.

The show opened with a sleek red zipped jacket over black slim pants. To creatively mix and match, color cues feature color-blocked separates and prints that play stylishly together. Prints were digitized in bold patterns of blue, red, green and black and white. The three-piece outfits with hooded jackets, tank tops and pants zip up and style you into a serious fashion statement. These are nice for nine-to-five workdays and workouts. Note: Not all of the pants are tight-fitting; there are some loose-fitting bottoms in the collection. Fabrics are wearable, breathable and simply cool to wear. The high-heel sneakers are a must-have. The models were fabulous. Good show!