Felicia Persaud (26512)
Felicia Persaud

Dear Mr. President,

Now that Eric Cantor, the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, has shown that not even in the days before Memorial Day weekend will he be bothered to give a vote on Rep. Jeff Denham’s ENLIST Act, which would have allowed undocumented immigrants to enlist in the military and to eventually naturalize, it is incumbent that you act.

When something as sacred as a person wanting to put their life on the line for a country they’ve adopted as their own is not enough to grant them a path to legalization, and House conservatives are even ready to eat one of their own—Rep. Denham—then you know there is absolutely no time left to wait around on this House of clowns.

The reason they will not act and will never act is because a small population in the United States of America is represented in the House, and they are the bigots of America—afraid that Brown and Black America will become way too powerful and take away all the power of the old white men of America.

That is the beginning and end of their reasoning, so no rational talk, no American polls and pushing or prodding will convince them—not even from some within their ranks like Denham, the tea party or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

And worse from you. They may have been willing to act before, but now that you have become the first Black President of the United States with largely Brown and Black votes, they will not act unless the cows that pull back up in 2016 are white ones and of their ilk.

Never mind the fact that Rep. Luis Guiterrez warned them last week that former President George W. Bush may be the last Republican president in history if they do not act on immigration reform and that Thomas Donohue has insisted the GOP stay home in 2016 if they don’t deliver immigration reform now.

No one is listening in the House of clowns because that’s what clowns do. They simply are focused on their act, and the act is that Speaker John Boehner will pass the blame to Cantor, who will then blame you for not upholding the laws while the racist offense player in the team of clowns, Steve King of Iowa, runs out and attacks with another bigoted remark to throw the defense on the other side off their game.

And the beat goes on and on and on.

So this Memorial Day, as I sit here to write this 80th open letter to you on this 80th week, I hope you will act—especially for the immigrant troops and those families who have had to bury their immigrant sons or daughters after they gave their lives for a nation that refuses to honor them as whole human beings.

This Memorial Day, remember the legal immigrant veterans who have been deported for insignificant crimes and dishonored by the Department of Defense.

You have the authority to, and must, end the deportation of our immigrant veterans. How about you start there with an executive order, Mr. President?


Felicia Persaud

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.