Ras Baraka (73626)

As Newark faces a plethora of challenges stemming from increasing crises in education, income and economic inequality, in steps the new mayor. A Newark native, city councilman, high school principal and son of a Black cultural icon, Mayor Ras Baraka is fighting back with progressive policies that place people above profits and support for living wages, and he’s got a design to give more working families a real shot at prosperity.

Recently, Baraka unveiled his agenda to return the Newark school district to city management. This week, he announced the structure of his transition team and the chairs of his transition committees. The overall co-chairs of the team are former Newark Mayor Ken Gibson and Al Koeppe, president and CEO of the Newark Alliance and former president and CEO of PSE&G.

“In preparing the transition to Newark’s new administration on July 1, we have chosen a wide-ranging group of advisors who are experts in their chosen fields,” said Baraka. “My plan for governing Newark is to build a broad-based movement of all with a stake in the future of our city. This includes business and labor, parents, law enforcement, teachers and students, community and philanthropic groups, colleges, universities, medical institutions and more—all working together to transform our city.”

Thirty-two business and community leaders will chair 16 committees that will address budget, safety and unemployment. “Members of these committees will also attend public meetings in each of the five wards before the inauguration to gather input from residents,” said Baraka spokeswoman Tai Cooper.