After the tragic stabbing of two children last month in East New York, there is still a feeling of tension in the neighborhood. An aura of unease still permeates the community primarily because there are still question yet to be answered.

The NYPD has a suspect in custody but it is still unknown whether the person they caught was responsible for the latest stabbing involving the two children or the gruesome one prior involving the 18-year-old (or neither of them).

But despite adversity, the community has been able to prevent further upheaval.

A.T. Mitchell, founder and executive director of Man Up! inc acknowledges how East New York has risen above the incidents to make something better of a terrible situation.

“The community was divided in the past,” admits Mitchell. “This tragedy has brought us together. Clergy, community CEOs, politicians, the community at large and the NYPD have all come together.”

Mitchell went on to add that, “since the capture there’s been a 50% change in the community.” And that, “until confirmation (that the suspect in custody is actually guilty) the job is only half done.”

East New York and Man UP! continues to helping in the healing process. Canvassing thousands of posters and cards, plastering the community message of solidarity, and remaining alert around children and the elderly to keep them safe.

Man Up! and the neighborhood continue to do what they’ve always done, creating community events, and building effective leaders.