$4.71 billion funded by the tax payer has been budgeted to the New York City Police Department for fiscal year 2015.

On June 6 petitioners gave testimony at City Hall on how NYPD policy disproportionately affects their communities. Those who attended and spoke to the crowd in attendance feel NYC taxpayers deserve a say in how their money and resources are allocated.

“We ought to have a voice in the number of these funds and allocation of resources, as well as priorities for protecting our rights and safety (sic),” read a social media announcement on tumbler to promote public action. http://fixmynypd.tumblr.com/

An open exchange with the city will be on going until June 11. It is asked that everyone send any concerns they may have with the budget or how tax payer funded NYPD policy has been spent in the past to “financetestimony@council.nyc.gov.

“Please address your comments to NY City Council and identify your neighborhood,” announced the site.

What followed on the web page was a list of grievances.

  • The stop and frisk policy, which does nothing to deter crime but erodes the civil and human rights of all New Yorkers.
  • Police use of drone technologies to watch New Yorkers.
  • The expense of $227 million a year on school policing. NYC public schools have 5,200 School Safety Agents, which is larger than entire police forces of some cities.
  • Selective enforcement of minor offenses
  • NYPD’s use of force, particularly excessive and deadly force
  • NYPD disciplinary policies and outcomes in misconduct
  • NYPD surveillance of Muslim communities
  • Lack of NYPD transparency
  • Hanging Arrests
  • Commissioner Bratton’s sits on the board of ShotSpotter, the makers of the “gunshot detection” program potentially used as a vendor for the 2015 pilot program.
  • Continued arrests for low levels of marijuana possession, despite the City Council strong request to the NYPD to halt these arrests and the Brooklyn DA’s refusal to prosecute.
  • Police use of out of date training manuals.
  • The rarity of serious disciplinary action to officers with cases against them by the Civilian Complaint Review Board.
  • Police use of “less-lethal” weaponry as a crowd control tactic rather than for intended purpose of deterring immediate violence. This includes chemical weapons, less lethal bullets, LRAD cannons.
  • NYPD conducting undercover operations with political,religious, and community groups both in NYC and across the US.
  • Police demands for permits for public assembly.
  • Police deploying “free speech zone” barricades and “controlled access areas” against non-violent assemblies.