SEIU Rally for fair compensation of their labor. (77578)

Members of the local chapter of SEIU, 32BJ, are demanding fair compensation for their labor.

Workers of the West Village’s 421 Hudson St. building Printing House are rallying around one another in coordination with 32BJ SEIU after building management threatened to fire a worker for mentioning poor wages in the press.

“This is a war,” Kevin Samuel, 58, a porter at the Printing House since 1986, and proponent of unionization told to The villager. “We have to protect ourselves, and we’re gonna keep fighting until they make this right.”

They are standing up for the Non-union doormen, porters and maintenance workers at the 421 Hudson St. building. The workers there are without affordable health care packages, and are blocked from unionizing.

The Rally in the West Village is at 2pm on June 12.