The FIFA World Cup is here again, taking over almost every bar in the country. But finding your fellow fans can be tough in such a diverse city as New York. If you are looking for fans of the African countries playing in the world cup, this list of some of the best bars in the city to find them.

Ivorie Restaurant (Ivory Coast)

Ivorie Restaurant can fit 52 people sitting down, but a total of up to 70 people sitting and standing. With this year’s competition being so intense, we’re sure everyone will be on their feet.

Location: 76 East 119th Street, New York, NY

Papaye Restaurant (Ghana)

The owner of this restaurant is rooting for Ghana himself and just bought a 55-inch screen television specifically for the World Cup, which attracted many people to his restaurant since the event’s debut last week. Papaye can hold up to a hundred people. If you’re looking to do the Azonto after a game, this is the place to be.

Location: 2300 Grand Course, Bronx, NY

Nomad (Algeria)

Nomad is expecting to extend its happy hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the days the Algerian team plays. They can fit a total of 74 people and they have one big flat screen. Some of their most popular meals are the merguez lamb sausages and the mussels flavored with garlic, cumin, and tomato sauce.

Location: 78 Second Avenue, New York, NY

Suite 36

Suite 36 is a venue that is teaming up with Panla USA, a New York City based catering and cuisine events company to highlight the teams that are participating in the World Cup. This month, African countries will be featured in their food events. More information about these events can be seen on Suite 36”s website at suite36nyc.com

Location: 16 West 36th Street New York, NY

Bier International (Cameroon)

Bier International will be featuring a special menu that will consist of lunch-meals including a steak salad and various sandwiches. The location can host about 100 people, and a lot more beer.

Location: 2099 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Manhattan, NY

Buka New York (Nigeria)

Buka New York will feature special drinks. They have two televisions and a projector. A total of 60 people can fit. Buka has had several famous customers, including the ambassador and consulate of Nigeria.

Location: 946 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

Other international spots to keep on your radar:

Miss Favela (Brazil) This bistro serves traditional Brazilian dishes and keeps customers festive by featuring live Brazilian music and Brazilian dancers. A total of 50 people can fit in the bistro and with three big flat screen televisions everyone is sure to have a good view of the game.

Location: 57 South Fifth Street, Brooklyn, NY

El Abuelo Gozon (Columbia)

El Abuelo Gozon is distinct to this list. They are only showing the World Cup in Spanish. Many of the customers coming in to watch the games are of Latin American descent. There is a 280 person capacity in the restaurant. The bar consists of two floors, and it has eleven televisions.

Location: 79-03 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, NY