The Community Partnership Educational Seminars Series’ final spring forum, “The Most Important People to Have in Your Life, as You Age Gracefully,” commenced on May 29 at the Brookdale Center for Aging at Hunter College/CUNY. The panel program featured Dr. Kenneth A. Leacock, physical therapist; Denise Phillips, masseuse; Dr. Ann V. Guillory, gerontologist; Dante Jones, personal trainer; Yolanda Florez, nutritionist; and Mary Redd, LCSW, ACSW, spiritual advisor, president and CEO, Steinway Child & Family Services.

The program was sponsored by the members of the Community Partnership; the Greater New York (GNY) Chapter of the Links’ Health and Human Services Facet; AARP; Steinway Children & Family Services; Esplanade Gardens NNORC; Health Advocates for Older People; the Alzheimer’s Association’s New York City Chapter; and CenterLight Healthcare.

The six panelists gave an in-depth presentation of what older adults can do to enhance their senior years and “age gracefully.” Leacock explained how physical therapy can help seniors be more comfortable and better manage any injuries relating to aging, such as falls and arthritis. Phillips emphasized the importance of human touch and described how regular massages can provide relaxation and relieve tension.