U.S. Supreme Court (70219)

Monday morning SCOTUS, in another 5-4 conservative/liberal split, sided with the right for businesses to abstain from participating in healthcare that goes against its religious practice instead of with the majority of American people, who disagree with a business’ right to deny contraception.

The Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, which once only excluded religious nonprofits and religious organizations like churches, will now exempt religious for-profits as well, finding the mandate overly burdensome to a companies’ ability to practice their religious beliefs.

They justified the decision with the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act as precedent, which states that only if a law is of compelling furtherance to Government interests and is the least restrictive law possible is a law, limiting religious freedom for businesses, legal.

“There are other ways in which Congress could equally ensure that every woman has cost free access to the particular contraception at issue here, and indeed, to all FDA approved contraceptives,” stated in the final court’s opinion.