Grace Congregational Church of Harlem will hold an open house for parents so that they can learn about Dr. Muriel Petioni Charter School (DMPCS), which was named in honor of the late Muriel Petioni, who passed away at age 97 on Dec. 6, 2011, three weeks shy of her 98th birthday. 

The late Dr. Muriel Petioni (80406)

The mission of the DMPCS is to provide a rigorous and progressive educational experience for students in Central Harlem through a continuous progression of education for students from sixth grade through high school, and each succeeding year there will be an added grade to serve students in the seventh and eighth grade. The school hopes to open September 2015, serving grades six through eight, then grades nine through 12. The school also expects a significant number of students with special needs and will seek the input of City College as well as other experts to design a curriculum for this population, as well as train their teachers and staff to address the needs of these students.

Then students will be prepared for the college admissions process at City College and other schools.

Through its tutorial and training experiences with DMPCS staff and students, the City University’s SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge) program will facilitate the students’ entry into City College. However, it should be noted that the program will be based on students’ interest in the college and abilities. College preparation and/or career guidance will begin in middle school and continue throughout the students’ enrollment in DMPCS. 

Grace Congregational Church is located at 318 W. 139th St. in Harlem. The open house will take place on July 16, and the program will start at 6:30 p.m. Parents will learn about the school’s projected teaching goal, make suggestions and talk about their children’s educational needs.