Have you noticed your shape? Is your figure like an apple, a pear or an hourglass? Fashion guru, Pattie Byrnes, has developed a revolutionary range of swimwear that’s designed to perfectly fit and flatter every woman’s individual curves. Her new Fit 4U Collection, presented at Mercedes Benz Swim Week Miami, creates a smooth shape and will sculpt your body into a dream silhouette.

As a woman, Byrnes understands the frustrations felt by many women who are searching for a flawless fit in a swim garment. Unrealistic standards in today’s fashion industry have typically limited the variety of swimsuits and styles available in this market. This is why, in 2011, Byrnes developed the line. Fit 4 U analyzes fashion trends. Their products flatter and feature each woman’s body in all the right places.

Addressing all of your common body concerns, their extensive swimwear line includes categories for your tummy, hips, thighs, long torso and lifts. They also cater to full-breasted women’s sizes like Cs, Ds and Es. Fit 4 U is designed specifically by body type for women of every age, size and shape.

Byrnes has become a nationally recognized swimwear expert and spokesperson. She is celebrating her 30th year in swimwear. She’s been a key player in design, manufacturing and sales of swimwear since 1985. With this line, she has revolutionized the industry with her figure-type swimwear concept. Using her extensive knowledge of fit and eye for design, Byrnes and her team continue to create and inspire from their showroom located in the fashion district of Manhattan.

In addition to her 13-year partnership with QVC, Byrnes travels throughout the country conducting fit seminars and lecturing. Her goal is to make sure you have a good experience when you buy swimwear.