Courtesy of The White House (82993)

The President will speak at the Walker Jones Education Foundation Center in Washington D.C. today about the new commitments he has in store for his initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” was announced in February to help male Black and Latino students, who face numerous obstacles to success. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, these children also face the lowest high school graduate rates in the country.

Supporters expect that this initiative will provide students with ways to get the most out of their education.

The White House plans to invest $200 million in this project over the next five years to help these students start on the right foot.

The meeting will be attended by individuals representing over 60 public school districts in the nation, as well as politicians, athletes, business leaders, and parents who strongly believe in the cause.

Some of the new commitments mentioned will include helping these students achieve the requirements needed to take Advance Placement courses and career prep courses in high school. ​An incentive program by the NBA will be put into place to help improve low-performing schools. AmeriCorps and the USDA are also partnering together to help these students obtain career skills at an early age to better prepare themselves for the future. ​