Saturday Staten Island rallied behind Eric Garner, who died after the NYPD’s alleged misconduct against him. The incident was caught on film. It shows Garner, 6″3′ and well over 300 lbs, being forced to the grown by four police officers. The incident has been making rounds over the web. And the public has been understandably outraged.

Eric Garner rally (1186)

Eric Garner rally part 2 (1187)

Most of the controversy stems not only from whether the officers used excessive force but also because that particular “choke” tactic by the police has been outlawed for some time. Islanders have evoked dismay over rhetoric of change without any actual change.

The Reverend Al Sharpton was present at the press conference that convened beforehand, along with local civic coalitions, like The Chris Owens Foundation. The huge crowd on hand opened the rally with chants of Eric!, Eric!, Eric!. Later on they rang out in chants of “I can’t breath!, I can’t breath!

Protesters hung signs reading”existing while black is a crime worthy of death.” The phrase is a parody and indicative of what it’s like to live as a Black person in American. Other signs urged for more protests against police brutality.

Hundreds of ralliers carried this frustration through Staten Island swelling their ranks along the way.

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