Journalist and news anchor Arthel Neville could be just another television personality, but her background and talent exudes distinctiveness in more ways than one. A pioneer of sorts, Neville continues to make herself a household name in the journalism field.

How does she do it? Her response is simple: “I don’t plan it. Whatever I do is organic, and my main goal is to be fair, be clear and get the story out there, whatever that story is.”

Her resume is remarkable. Neville became the first African-American female to host her own talk show on CNN, “Talkback Live with Arthel Neville.” Neville also dabbled in entertainment when she hosted E! Entertainment’s show “Extreme Close-Up” and launched “Extra” for Warner Brothers.

Talent runs in her blood. Born to Art Neville, one of the dynamic components of the musical group the Neville Brothers, she has been able to create a path of her own, despite her family’s legacy.

“I’m from a family where they are just supportive of what you do,” she states. “To be honest, I didn’t get that musical gene. It wasn’t my calling. They were fine with it, and they’re equally proud of me as I am of them.”

Ed Bradley, one of the most prominent African-American journalists of the 20th century, served as her mentor throughout her career. “There was nobody better than Ed Bradley at what he did,” she explained. “He was a respected journalist who kicked butt and made his viewers proud.”

She currently works for Fox News, contributing to “The O’Reilly Factor,” anchoring for “America’s News Headquarters” and co-hosting “Fox and Friends.”

“I love that I get to report on world headlines,” Neville says. “That keeps your mind challenged, plus you have to stay very informed.”

Not many can say that they have accomplished what she has done. In the end, her dedication and hard work has paid off, and will continue to pay off. Her followers seem to agree.

“When someone comes up to me and says that I have inspired them, it’s the best compliment,” she says. “I love that.”