Spring/summer ‘15 designs by Johny Dar (87388)
Spring/summer ‘15 designs by Johny Dar (87389)
Spring/summer ‘15 designs by Johny Dar (87390)

In Berlin, four young, up-and-coming German designers stood out during the recent Mercedes‑Benz Fashion Week shows. Several of the top regular designers pulled out of this show, leaving space for more unsung designers to show their collections. They showed every style, from avant‑garde and theatrical to understated and refined looks, giving the Berlin audience a lot to talk about. From this group, the Dare collection, designed by Johny Dar, received rave reviews.

Dar focuses on a unique and groundbreaking style of artistic expression. He has a new perspective and shows contemporary couture. Dedicated to producing original experiences and extraordinary creations in many mediums, Dar’s work includes fashion, body-painting, books, art installations, multimedia and events. His creations redefine perspectives on art and life, offering audiences unique experiences, and invites them to embrace the magic and mystery of living.

“Dar the Book” is an artistic journey into the heart of the woman. It unveils a woman’s layers and celebration of her colors. Dar, acclaimed fashion designer and artist, created “Dar the Book” as a personal quest to explore and express the femininity of a woman.

Africa Fashion Day was also part of the Berlin Fashion Week shows. Now in its second season, the day featured designers BiJou Makeda, Jose Hendo, Malaika Design and Nomi by Naomi. “We are a platform that shows a wide variety of the new, young, high-end, urban, global African fashion scene,” said founder, Beatrice Oola. African fashion is truly global.