Supporters of political prisoner Imam Jamil Al-Amin (f.k.a. H. Rap Brown) contend that the power of the people earned the 71-year-old revolutionary’s July 14, 2014, transfer to a medical facility, where he could be properly diagnosed and treated. It had recently been determined that he had a rare form of cancer of the plasma cells known as multiple myeloma.

The imprisoned imam was moved Monday, July 14, 2014, from the remote supermax federal penitentiary ADX, in Florence, Colo. to Butner Federal Medical Center, in North Carolina. Upon arrival, he was examined extensively, from “head to toe.”

July 17, Jamil’s wife, attorney Karima Al-Amin, described the severity of his condition:

  • “1. Imam Jamil has had a dental problem for more than a year, which resulted in swollen jaws, broken teeth and the inability to swallow.
  • 2. He lost 29 pounds over a three-week period.
  • 3. His legs, feet and ankles have been swollen.
  • 4. He went through a two-week period where he could not get out of his bed, except for two times a day.”

Aug. 7, she revealed a bit more. “On July 23, 2014, at the Butner FMC, Imam Jamil had a bone marrow biopsy to determine the presence of myeloma cells,”she stated. “Yesterday, Kairi [their son] and I visited with him at Butner, and today he was told by the Butner medical staff that the biopsy results revealed ‘some myeloma cells.’”

She continued, “He was told he needed to be monitored and tested every two to three months to determine if his condition has advanced to the full multiple myeloma stage. He would not remain at the hospital and could be monitored at another facility. The precursor condition is called monoclonal gammo‑pathy of undetermined significance (MGUS).”

She added, “This raises the issue that more than likely he will be returned to Florence ADX until he has another episode. The sunlight has helped him at Butner, but I still am worried about his weight loss and the fact that he would be moved out of Butner so quickly.”

Although Imam Jamil has been transferred, he remains behind enemy lines, and supporters are concerned that his age, the grind of languishing in solitary confinement for the past dozen years and negligent medical care typical of U.S. concentration camps have taken their toll on him. His supporters encourage the people to continue and intensify the mass pressure that resulted in his transfer until he is free.

“Hard work certainly produces the desired results,” Sister Karima wrote yesterday. “Allah is most merciful. The struggle continues.”

To persuade prison officials not to transfer Imam Jamil back to Florence ADMAX, people are encouraged to do the following:

  • Register your concerns at concerns.jsp by selecting Florence ADMAX USP and entering Jamil Al-Amin, No. 99974-555.
  • Call Bureau of Prisons Director Charles E. Samuels Jr. at 202-307-3250.
  • Contact the Bureau of Prisons medical director at
  • Contact your congressional representatives.

You may contact Imam Jamil Al-Amin, #999974-555 FMC Butner at P.O. Box 1600, Butner, NC 27509. Karima Al-Amin can be reached at Al-Amin Law Group, LLC, 1000 N. Indian Creek Drive, Suite A, Clarkston, GA 30021, or email her at

For more information, see “Free Imam Jamil Al-Amin! His wife, attorney Karima Al-Amin, tells of the U.S.’ 47-year campaign to silence H. Rap Brown” and “Supporters demand political prisoner Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown), diagnosed with rare cancer, be hospitalized immediately.”

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