“My campaign for State Committee (District Leader), 57th Assembly District, is going great,” said Olanike Alabi, who the Amsterdam News has endorsed for the seat. “I’m honored by the levels of support I’ve received, not based on promises or incumbency, but based on the work we’ve already performed to make life better for so many. I’m also honored by the fact that so many reached out to as me to seek the post once again.”

Labor Day, Alabi proudly joined a million or so partying people at the Annual West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Honoring the throng along Eastern Parkway, Alabi said, “I want to take this moment to salute the contributions of the Caribbean community, and also because it’s Labor Day, I wish to acknowledge the American workforce and our labor unions.”

While the true meaning of Labor Day often gets lost in the general everyday shuffle, Alabi said, “As we celebrate the fine foods and culture of the Caribbean, let’s also be grateful for and remember those who fought so that we may have paid sick leave, vacation days, better wages, workers’ compensation and workers’ rights.”