Curator Souleo has faith in other artists. If there is a charity benefit, you can count on his support, plus Souleo shares the love. The New York City artistic community is lucky to have such a fine eye and fierce, accomplished go-getter working on their behalf. He’s a passionate soul, with a sense of style that makes so many chic statements that it’s hard to keep up. In the end, it’s simply 100 percent, authentic Souleo.

The eccentric curator’s passion is again on fire with the new exhibit “I found god in myself,” which is thematically explored by 47 visual artists in three galleries. It’s a celebration of the legacy of Ntozake Shange at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the Sol Studio and La Maison d’Art.

“i found god in myself” reminds the divas just why the work of Shange, who created the groundbreaking choreopoem “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf,” still has the power to bring humility, acceptance, defiance and rebirth. Since its debut performance in 1974, just outside Berkeley, Calif., at a bar named the Bacchanal, Shange’s work has captivated, provoked, inspired and transformed audiences all over the world.

On display at the Schomburg Center are 20 specially commissioned pieces in honor of the individual poems and archival material that traces the journey of Shange’s text from that bar in California to its critically acclaimed run on Broadway. The multi-gallery exhibition extends beyond the walls of the Schomburg to include additional noncommissioned artworks on display at two satellite locations, the Sol Studio and La Maison d’Art. These multimedia works portray women at the life stages of youth, adulthood and late adulthood.

In thematic exploration, Souleo described the body of work thusly: “Each work gives tangible life-form to Shange’s words and women’s contemporary experiences with issues such as class, body image, gender identity, immigration, politics, war, love, sexuality, racial identity, sisterhood and, ultimately, self-love.”

“i found god in myself” is curated and organized by Souleo of Souleo Enterprises LLC. For dates, gallery listings and to be placed on the mailing list, please go right to the “soul” of it and email