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Sept. 28 at 4 p.m., Lady Tania Michael Ministries will host their 11th Annual Hope Brings Peace Concert and Dialysis Empowerment event at Calvary Cathedral of Praise, located at 45 E. 8th St. in Brooklyn. The event admission is $20; 500 free tickets will be provided for dialysis patients.

Hope Brings Peace 2014 welcomes back gospel’s Grammy award- winning songstress, Maurette Brown-Clark, and renowned music director/composer, J. David Bratton, of “Every Praise Live” fame, who will be joined by Vicki Yohe. “We are blessed to have their wonderful talents headlining an afternoon of gospel performances guaranteed to bring hopeful inspiration to all in attendance,” said Lady Tania Michael.

Hope Brings Peace 2014 will also feature an enlightening video presentation outlining lifestyle and medical strategies effective in preventing kidney failure. “We are proud to have renowned nephrologist Dr. Neal Mittman’s participation in our health awareness feature,” said Lady Michael. Dr. Mittman is located in Brooklyn and is listed among America’s top doctors in his field. The event will also include presentation of several educational scholarships to assist dialysis patients pursuing higher education.

Lady Michael created the event in 2003 to serve as an inspirational annual gathering for dialysis patients and their families. Lady Michael, herself a former dialysis patient and social worker, miraculously received a kidney from her husband in 2001 and has since created a nonprofit that supports and educates dialysis patients throughout the New York area. She has produced several inspirational songs and a dramatization of her miraculous deliverance from kidney dialysis. There are approximately 26,000 dialysis patients in New York. Lady Michael strives to inspire hope in the lives of as many as she can with the miracle of her story and her years of experience.

Lady Michael is the wife of Pastor Horace C. Michael of Beulah Tabernacle C.O.O.L.J.C. and the daughter of Bishop Wilbur L. Jones of Beulah Church International Ministries.

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