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With the cooler weather creeping in, you’ll want to make sure you stock up on new skin care products to help turn your bathroom into your home spa. Decor is important, along with luxury bath accessories. The good scents of these Georgia by Jodi Patterson’s skin care products are relaxing.

Georgia by Jodi Patterson is a natural skin and hair care line that is good for the entire family. The simple ingredients are chosen carefully and are sourced primarily from California.

The Gold Luxury Skin Care Cream with Lemongrass Eucalyptus is a head-to-toe moisturizer that can be used all over the body. It helps smooth and soften dry skin, prevents stretch marks and sun damage, reduces facial wrinkles and protects. The ingredients include soy butter, a soft, butter-like material that’s easy to spread on your skin.

These products provide many benefits. The oils and creams replenish the lipid barrier and help to hold in your skin’s moisture while softening dry, chaffed and damaged skin. These products are also useful in conditioning your hair, adding moisture and shine to your hair without using petroleum-based additives.

There are numerous beneficial oils in the collection. Lemongrass oil can be applied directly to your skin for headaches, stomachaches, abdominal pain and muscle pain. Olive oil has been used for centuries for personal care. It’s a great moisturizer, in part because it contains linoleic acid, a compound not made by the body that prevents water from evaporating.

Jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum, so the benefits of using it on skin and hair are high. Eucalyptus oil creates a cooling, refreshing effect. It’s also effective in reducing stress.

Avocado oil contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, both of which are strong skin agents. It helps to relieve dry and itchy skin. Deeply absorbed by the skin, it is an ideal moisturizer and skin care agent. Almond oil traps moisture in the skin, keeping it moisturized at all times. It has a calming effect on people with skin allergies and inflammation. Almond oil also contains vitamins that help delay the appearance of wrinkles and reverse damage from sun exposure.

Grapeseed oil is light and easily absorbed by the skin. Sesame oil acts as both a moisturizer and emollient and contains vitamin E and linoleic, stearic and palmitic acids. It also contains the antioxidant sesamol, which effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Walnut oil provides hefty levels of vitamin B-1, B-2 and B-3, coupled with vitamin E and niacin. It contributes to enhancing the texture and quality of the skin and fatty acids. These oils are available at Retail prices are around $27.

There is a Luxury Face Oil available for $45. The ingredients include rosehip oil. Generations of Argentinean women have supposedly used rose hip oil as an intense moisturizer and an anti-aging treatment. To use, apply a few drops to your face and neck daily to soften your skin and fine lines. It works wonders on dry cuticles, too.