The Rockaway Youth Task Force invites volunteers of all ages to the second annual “Day of Service” Oct. 25, 9:30 a.m. at 310 Beach 58th St.

The RYTF began building a garden in an effort to help the community recover from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. They host the “Day of Service” to build the RYTF Community Garden, where residents can cultivate their own food and Rockaway youth can become more active in restoring their community.

The RYTF is very active in the community. Most recently, Vice President Silaka Cox spoke at the People’s Climate March, the largest environmental platform in history. It took place days before the United Nations Climate Summit. Cox also spoke at the third International Participatory Budgeting Conference, which helps community members have control over how to use the money spent by the local government. They also rallied for the extension of the Q52 bus line in Far Rockaway to help give access to central Queens and provide faster service. The Rockaway Youth Task Force also holds a leadership course for Rockaway youth.

One of the most anticipated events is the “Day of Service.” Volunteers will be able to engage in activities like tree planting, mural painting and cleaning and building raised garden beds. Music and food will be supplied to make for a truly enjoyable day.

The president of RYTF, Milan R. Taylor, says, “Following Sandy, the Rockaway community realized we need to invest in our community infrastructure. With that, the Rockaway .Day of Service. will act as a way to strengthen our neighborhood.” Adding, “It moves me to see the community come together to better our community and make something positive out of this tragedy that has plagued our community.”

For more information, contact the RYTF