Polling station voters sign (79332)
Polling station voters sign Credit: Nia Sanders


Andrew Cuomo


Thomas DiNapoli

Attorney General

Eric T. Schneiderman


5th Congressional District

Gregory W. Meeks

13th Congressional District

Charles B. Rangel


14th Senatorial District

Leroy G. Comrie Jr

33rd Senatorial District

J. Gustavo Rivera

36th Senatorial District

Ruth H. Thompson

55th Assembly District

Latrice Monique Walker

60th Assembly District

Charles Barron

70th Assembly District

Keith L.T. Wright

71st Assembly District

Herman D. Farrell Jr.

72nd Assembly District

Guillermo Linares

79th Assembly District

Michael A. Blake

Prop Number 1. An Amendment: Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure – Citywide

The proposed amendment to sections 4 and 5 and the addition of new section 5-b to Article 3 of the state constitution revises the redistricting procedure for state legislative and congressional districts. The proposed amendment establishes a redistricting commission every 10 years beginning in 2020, with two members appointed by each of the four legislative leaders and two members selected by the eight legislative appointees; prohibits legislators and other elected officials from serving as commissioners; establishes principles to be used in creating districts; requires the commission to hold public hearings on proposed redistricting plans; subjects the commission’s redistricting plan to legislative enactment; provides that the Legislature may only amend the redistricting plan according to the established principles if the commission’s plan is rejected twice by the Legislature; provides for expedited court review of a challenged redistricting plan; and provides for funding and bipartisan staff to work for the commission. Shall the proposed amendment be approved? We vote no.