Valentino D. Carlotti, senior partner and head of the Institutional Client Group at Goldman Sachs & Co., was presented with the Reginald F. Lewis Award for Leadership in Business and Philanthropy Saturday, Oct. 11 during a special luncheon ceremony at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., as part of the 2014 Harvard Black Alumni Weekend.

This prestigious honor acknowledges outstanding career achievements in the finance industry and exceptional philanthropic efforts that have made a positive impact in shaping the minds and dreams of youth while supporting and promoting culture and the arts. Carlotti was the first recipient of this distinguished award, named after the late Reginald F. Lewis, the brilliant American financier, global philanthropist and iconic Harvard University alumnus. Lewis was one of Harvard Law School’s top donors, and the Reginald F. Lewis International Law Center is the first major facility at Harvard University named after an African-American. The center houses the graduate school program and contains one third of the law library’s international law collection.

Carlotti was honored before an audience of nearly 1,000 Harvard University alumni from around the globe with a special tribute by Loida Nicolas Lewis, wife of Reginald Lewis. She presented the esteemed award to him on behalf of the Reginald F. Lewis family. Loida Nicolas Lewis stated, “Mr. Carlotti is first recipient of this iconic award, for he epitomizes the exemplary legacy of my dear husband Mr. Reginald F. Lewis. Much like him, Mr. Carlotti is an extraordinary example of global professional excellence, broad philanthropic engagement and overall sterling achievement.”

Cheryl C. Joyner, lead co-chair for this landmark Harvard University event, stated, “On behalf of the Harvard Black Alumni Society, the Harvard Alumni Association and the Reginald F. Lewis Family, we are pleased we have selected Mr. Carlotti for such a deserving honor. By virtue of his illustrious career achievements and outstanding philanthropic efforts, Mr. Carlotti is truly a shining beacon of light throughout our entire Harvard University alumni community and the world.”