Rex Ryan presiding over a defensive game-day on-the-field unit meeting. Is it too late for Rex to be holding meetings while the game is on the move? (106040)

Having to pay attention to Monday night’s Jets game while real-world events took place, was like Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned, or the string quintet performing while the Titanic sank. It’s like those of color who lack social consciousness and understanding of their ancestry, and who believe that events in history or events of today have no bearing upon them.

Free tickets to this displaced New York Jets–Buffalo Bills game, held in Detroit, one day later than scheduled because of last week’s monstrous snow in Buffalo, was not enough compensation for a Jets fan. Lodging and ground transportation should have also been provided. The tickets should have come with a promissory note and/or a voucher.

That’s why I must ask, during this national week of Thanksgiving, what is the politically correct way of saying “(blank) the Jets”?

There was hope after the Jets win versus the Pittsburgh Steelers two Sundays ago. Even though they’re out of the playoffs, there was hope of building on this team, the way the Pilgrims built upon the landing at Plymouth Rock.

The recent Percy Harvin mid-season trade was promising. Michael Vick had a great game versus Pittsburgh. There was a bye. A new beginning. The debacle of games gone by was now behind them. Fans could look forward to the last six games, some wins and their last two days of tailgating. There was a sense of moving on. The off week and win had quieted the demands for change. Maybe Rex should stay. Maybe John Idzik should general‑manage this team.

“We weren’t a zillion times better,” said Jets head coach Rex Ryan. “We didn’t make any plays… You gotta give credit to Buffalo.” Yes you do!

Buffalo played last Sunday on the road. Buffalo had the snow—feet of it! Their city, players, team and family members were displaced and inconvenienced, and they did as much to the Jets, 38-3.

Eli Manning may well be going through the worst season in his Giants career. (106041)
Geno Smith is worth getting another season and time too develop. In the fast-paced world of pro sports, you gotta bring it from  Jump Street. (106042)