Richelle Carey is an anchor for Al Jazeera America. She is an advocate for women’s rights. She wants to increase the confidence of women and help men understand the power they have to stop domestic violence.

Carey said, “I wanted to be more than someone that just shows up to events and speaks at events because anyone that is an anchor, whether you are a local anchor or a network anchor, part of what we do is host events or MC, so I think we all do that. Then you may develop a more personal connection to certain causes, and that’s what happened to me.”

Carey’s work as an anchor and investment in the news helped her find a huge flaw within society and young adults. She vowed to make efforts to make a change. She uses her influential role as a news anchor to make a difference.

Said Carey, “I use to MC events for this group called Men Stopping Violence out of Atlanta. After doing it for a few years, the Chris Brown and Rihanna thing happened and it really affected me. What affected me the most was the dialogue around it. There were a lot of young people that didn’t really grasp the severity of what happened to her, and even more than that, I found that the dialogue blamed her. I found that really, really troubling.

“I reached out to Men Stopping Violence and I said, ‘I’d like to more than just show up at events because I was angry about this and that’s when they asked me to join the board.”

Carey’s involvement in Men Stopping Violence helped her become more than just another anchor. She found a deeper purpose and feels a duty to try to stop domestic violence before it occurs. She shared, “Fighting for certain causes can’t always be about the victim. The victim needs allies. Just because I haven’t been in a physically abusive relationship, that doesn’t mean I can’t be just as invested in trying to help them in domestic violence, because it takes allies. I feel like this is important.”

Although Carey isn’t personally involved in a domestic dispute, she respectively wants to help those affected by domestic violence. For more information on women’s rights and Carey’s support, visit