Caffe, the luxury beachwear line, presented a glamorous collection in Miami. For women who want an alluring beach-to-boardwalk wardrobe, designer Paula Saavedra enhances each piece with a combination of fabrics. She embellishes her swim styles with unique accents. The look is laid-back, head-turning and edgy. There are colorful cover-ups in the line, too. These suits are impeccably handcrafted, with seamless stitching for a flattering fit.

The designer comes from South America. Caffe’s brand started in 2004. They have since developed international styles and are now sold in more than 38 countries. They are known for blending current trends in fashion to create handmade swim styles.

Getting in shape for 2015 and owning the right sports bra is key. At Intimacy, there are bra fit specialists who can help. The store stocks sports bras in more than 90 sizes that range from A to K cups. They emphasize the importance of your bra fitting you correctly.

When shopping for sports bras, you should look for the following: bras that come in cup sizes; a firm band (it provides 90 percent of the support); seamed support; adjustable straps; and moisture wicking fabric.

A good bra will give you comfort and support daily. With 16 stores nationwide, Intimacy puts heavy emphasis on the importance of bra-sized sports bras for workouts. Sports bras should be comfortable and uplifting. They should also fit well to prevent stress and damage to breast tissue.

According to Eleni Morris, spokesperson for Intimacy, “Compression bras are the least effective in reducing breast movement. Since the breast tissue moves as a solid block, it can cause damage to the tissue at the base of the chest. Compression bras can cause stretch marks and premature loss of elasticity. Bra-sized sports bras encapsulate each breast separately to reduce movement and keep you comfortable during rigorous workouts.”