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Is your face fit for winter? For face fitness, three ladies, Heidi Frederick, Rachel Lang and Kate Gyllenhaal, teamed up to open a new SkinGym pop-up boutique at South Street Seaport that’s the talk of the town. It’s a skin therapy center that will help you renew your face, mind and body.

Although the cold is cleansing and good for breathing clean, clear air, your skin needs help to protect it from side effects such as dry skin. To get a handle on aging, the SkinGym invites you to stop in for a cup of tea while you’re having a consultation and facial treatment. The atmosphere is filled with a bergamot scent that’s absolutely relaxing to inhale. One of their services includes a warm neck wrap. It’s extremely soothing.

For the skin, the spa features facial exercises and massages, utilizing the best skin care products. These treatments are designed to tighten and firm your facial muscles. It’s all about feeling and achieving beauty from the inside out.

“SkinGym has been up and running for a few months now as a mobile beauty experience for corporate events and private consulting. We have created a demand for a brick and mortar location,” said Frederick. “After creating a loyal fan base last summer, we knew we needed to create a destination for all to enjoy SkinGym routinely. Winter is a great time to discover the nourishing benefits of our face workouts, and the quick sessions are perfect for the hectic pace of a New York City lifestyle,” added Lang.

“It’s fast, affordable and it will make you look amazing on your way to a network meeting, or it will put you in a relaxed mode if you need to slow down a bit, “ said Gyllenhaal.

SkinGym offers two signature workouts, FitGlow (15 minutes, $30) and FaceLove (30 minutes, $50). In house, there are experienced aestheticians, a massage therapist and a personal trainer at your service. SkinGym Face Fitness is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. They offer extended hours on request. Located at the corner of Front and John streets, right next to the TKTS booth at the South Street Seaport, walk-ins are welcome at the SkinGym. Appointments are available by calling 646-573-2631 or emailing

From Dr. Sanjiv Saini of MD Dermatology, here are five “must-try” beauty trends. “When people love the way they look, they are going to be more confident, they will look younger, and they will once again have a chance to love the skin they are in. It’s just that simple,” said Saini. ”

Refresh the skin with facials using fruits such as pomegranate and cranberries. This will help get that healthy glow back to the skin. To avoiding invasive surgery, many people are choosing to opt for something like light treatment with a pro-fractional laser treatment, which will help address wrinkles, lines and sun damage.

Protect the skin from sun exposure. This can be done by using proper sunscreen, wearing a hat and avoiding the sun at the hottest times of the day. Beauty trends are not only about looking amazing but also about getting there safely. “One of the trends this year will be to opt for safe measures as you seek that path toward being more beautiful, confident and turning back the clock on aging,” said Saini.

With locations in Edgewater, Glen Burnie and Lexington Park, Md., MD Dermatology is a full-service, medically directed spa. The medical spa is owned by Saini, a board-certified dermatologist who has also taught at Howard University and is the coordinating dermatologist for the Washington Nationals.