New Yorkers are breathing a sigh of relief after a blizzard that blows through the city is not as bad as expected.

While forecasters predicted snow totals as high as three feet in the city, only up to eight to 12 inches fell.

Long Islanders were not so lucky as snow totals reached 3 feet in parts of Nassau and Suffolk counties. New England also saw up to 3 feet of snow. Several Snow plows meant to help the city during the aftermath of the blizzard are now being sent to Long Island.

Schools were closed Tuesday and the travel ban was lifted allowing drivers to go back on the road but are urged to use caution due to hazardous road conditions. Bridges and tunnels were also reopened.

MTA service, including subways and buses, began going back up at 9am Tuesday with the system being fully up by 12pm and operating on a Sunday schedule. Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North service also resumed.

The city deployed about 1,800 plows to clear roadways and plows remain on the road to clear away additional snow expected to fall Tuesday.

Alternate Side Parking is suspended from Monday through Wednesday. Meters and all other parking regulations remain in effect.

The forecast is calling for more snow and rain Thursday night with an accumulation of only and inch.

New Yorkers are still encouraged to take necessary precautions as the day goes on. Go to NYC Hazards Winter Weather website for more tips and information.