Trying to figure out who’ll win Super Bowl XLIX (this Sunday in Glendale, Ariz.) is equivalent to figuring out the Roman numeral of this year’s game. X is 10. L is 50. I is 1. As elementary as this is, I cannot quantize Mrs. Walker’s (my third‑grade teacher) conversion formula and remember how it equals 49. I do know, like every “predictive analytic statistician,” the professional title now used for bookies in sports, that the New England Patriots verses the Seattle Seahawks is an incredible AFC- NFC matchup—two teams with similar DNA.

“We try to play a similar, aggressive, tough, hard‑nose style,” stated Patriot head coach Bill Belichick. “It’s obvious they do … though the schemes may be different.”

Forgotten by Sunday will be “Deflategate,” the current overly used storyline sensationalized by the media and Patriot haters, who’ll never let you forget it, or Spygate, or the Patriot’s two Bowl losses. Like the Michael Sam, Ray Rice, “Fire Commissioner Goodell” and Adrian Peterson stories, it’ll go away and become a footnote.

The story here is the Patriots, the last team to repeat, versus Seattle, the reigning Super Bowl champs trying to repeat. It’s about Patriots QB Tom Brady, 37, the three-time Super Bowl champion going for his fourth title in six tries. It’s about Belichick, their “catch me if you can” coach. It’s about “party like a rock star” tight end Rob Gronkowski and corner back Darrelle Revis, who like Gilligan, is perceived as having an island.

It’s about now having their own Marshawn Lynch in running back LeGarrett Blount. It’s about any information that corner back and former Seahawk Brandon Browner, can share. It’s about OG defensive lineman Vincent Wilfork shutting down the run. He’s stated, “If we don’t, we’re in for a long night.”

And it’s about this team covering bets, favoring their return to Massachusetts with the Lombardi Trophy, one more time.