Special to the AmNews

Local photographer Bob Gore recently held an opening and meet-and-greet for his newest exhibit, “Sacreds: Photographs of Faith.” For more than 10 years, Gore has been documenting various forms of worship in locations from the United States to the Caribbean. For this exhibit, he has received support from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Council for the Arts, Time Warner Inc. and the Ford Foundation. As a member and chair of the board of trustees for 15 years at Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church, Gore became passionate about the practice of worship in all its varied forms. You can see this throughout his work.

As the grandson of a pastor, Gore was immersed into a world of worship at a very young age. Bright eyed and curious, he began to wonder what worship was like elsewhere. According to him, “‘Sacreds’ is a photo exhibition of religious ceremonies and secular events that foster pride and inspiration.”

Over the years, Gore has traveled to experience worship firsthand from Harlem to Curacao, Haiti, and Jamaica. He has been able to capture